Lots of new and updated goodies

UPDATE: The Spring Celebration from last year is back up! Yay! It’s not really “open” for 2012 yet, but it’s there. 😉 Also, all the St Patrick’s Day siggies are again available, and I recovered more Valentine’s Day and Christmas siggies…and the big Halloween masquerade siggie from 2010! I’m so thrilled to have all of my stuff back and recovered. 🙂


WOOOHOOO!!! Why am I happy? Well, back in March of 2011, I lost my wonderful fast computer (motherboard died) and I’d had to go back to using a slower laptop (which then died in December; hard drive died). What a year of computer issues! Anyway, when the fast computer died, it took with it a bunch of pixels that I had not backed up yet. But a few days ago I finally ordered a hard drive enclosure (a device that lets you access a computer hard drive by hooking it up to another computer)…today it arrived…and I just finished happily browsing through that hard drive! And I found all the pixels I had not seen in a year! Wheeee! 🙂 This means that my Spring Celebration site will be back up soon, plus a bunch of siggies for the club that have been missing (Valentine’s and St Pat’s and more). YAAAY! 🙂

(It doesn’t take much to make me happy…hehehe.)

The earlier update today was…

The lil gray kitty is now officially in the shop, along with two other new cuties: one Harry Potter blinkie and one lil spring scene made with freeware pixels. I hope you like them! 🙂