Freeware-based siggies & blinkies to come!

Uh oh, look out…I have discovered freeware pixels! More specifically, Korean pixels! “Korean pixels,” you might ask? YES!!

Thanks to some adorable blinkies on Tallie’s site, I found out about a site called Cyworld (a Korean social networking site, like Facebook). I was instantly hooked on the adorable pixels available on Cyworld as backgrounds, “mini me’s” and more…and so I joined the site so that I could play with these cuties. (If you join or are on the site, look for me as Sara Delia.)

Then I started looking for Cyworld info & fan sites, and I found fans on LiveJournal who offered a lot of the little pixels as freeware…and realized that that is how people make the adorable freeware blinkies!

Ooooooh lookout, I’m in trouble now…I must collect all the cuteness and make lots more siggies & blinkies! 😀 Hahaha!

THEN I found even more insanely adorable freeware pixels…from other Korean sites besides Cyworld…there are actually more Korean social sites that use cute pixels! I never knew all these existed! My goodness, why can’t Facebook offer such gorgeous stuff? Le sigh.

Oh well. I have found all sorts of new cuties to play with. I am very happy. 🙂

Here is a lil sample…more to come soon!