Terms of Use

Please read and abide by my terms of use…I don’t ask much, just for common courtesy & respect for pixel artists. 🙂 If you have any questions, please contact me. 🙂

  • NOTHING ON THIS SITE IS FOR DOWNLOAD OR TAKING UNLESS EXPRESSLY STATED AS SUCH. The only graphics you may take with you are those that are clearly labeled as “linkware” or “freebie” or “free.” You will have to click it to open a window where you can save it from. If you can’t click it to save it, then you are not allowed to take that image.
  • ALL graphics from this site, free or purchased, require a link back to this site.
  • The monthly siggie, linkware, Siggie Club siggies, and other various items are created by me using graphics from my memberships and/or purchased tube packs. Do not claim them as your own.
  • Siggies and linkware not made by me are linked to the sites that made them.
  • You may use my linkware and purchasable graphics to decorate your website and/or email.
  • Please have the usual protection scripts active on your website if you use my graphics: disable right-click & disable toolbar.
  • You may NOT use my graphics on a social network sites such as (but not limited to) Myspace, Facebook, Livejournal, Ning, Google +, etc.
  • Please do not pin my graphics on Pinterest.
  • You may NOT open my graphics in a graphics program and copy any part of them.

I reserve the right to change these terms as needed, and you are responsible for knowing my terms. Using my graphics signifies that you have read these terms and agree to abide by them.