The Siggie Shop is open!

If you want to buy some of my siggies, now you can! The Siggie Shop is open. 🙂

This is a lil’ change to the site for 2012…instead of a Siggie Club, I’m offering a Siggie Shop instead. 🙂 This is for everyone who’d like to buy just a few siggies/blinkies. I know that sometimes I don’t always want to join an entire site just to get a few siggies and wish that there was an option to buy just the ones I want. So I decided to offer that here. 🙂

If you are already a Lifetime Siggie Club member, you still are!! Nothing changes for you. This change is just for new people who’d like to buy a siggie or two (or 20, hehe).

As for those of you who are siggie piggies, I will offer the Lifetime option again soon! 🙂

~ Cyberdelia